Thursday, March 5, 2009


Yeah, I'm jumping on the microblogging bandwagon. It seems like an interesting medium, with dynamics that kind of straddle normal blogs and IRC. Plus, one microblogging service (Twitter) has even had the distinction of being verbed, bringing it into the ranks of other web sensations such as Google, Facebook, and Rick Astley. There has to be something to it, right? As such, you can find me at

The first reaction I am expecting is, "Why aren't you using Twitter? You should use Twitter. Everybody else uses Twitter." is open-source, everything is licensed under Creative Commons, and supports a system for decentralized microblogging. Basically, I like the direction they're headed more than Twitter.

The other major question, of course, is "why are you blogging about this?" Frankly, microblogging would be a lot more fun if I actually knew more people that were doing it. That's why ya'll should try it too! Maybe it'll work out, maybe it'll end up being just a fad, but either way it should be interesting.


Kiriska said...

While I admire your support of open source and CC, it's worth pointing out that like many other Web 2.0 applications, the entire point is the resulting social networking and conversations. As such, Twitter is where it's at. It's a Catch-22, I guess, but I can't decide if ideal principles is worth fighting the anal retentive need to keep the number of sites I'm on to workable minimum. I am already on Twitter. Please convince me to migrate.

P. Static said...

Rather than convincing you to migrate, I'll just mention that I snagged a Twitter account too, with the same username, since I thought that might happen. XD To each their own, but I'll be sticking with and at most crossposting to Twitter.

Frank Church said...

I mostly know about Twitter because Republicans are under the impression that if they all start Twittering more youth will vote for them because now they're "with it." yeah, pretty strange.

Also I have the nagging feeling that I can no longer recite all 150 pokemon :( and there's NOT more than 150 pokemon btw.

Æther said...

Æther is on none of those places. Facebook is all I can stand to keep up with for the time being. Technology is great and all, but I just don't have the patience to learn something in the line of Twitter until perhaps Spring Break, but more likely this summer.

Also, the Æther and pstatic rawked at the actual pokemon part of Pokemon Stadium. The unfortunate bit is that only pstatic rocked at the minigames bit.