Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lazy Post Today

I don't think I have a proper post in me this week. Instead, here are some neat things I've seen online lately!

Finger trees - The Good Math, Bad Math blog occasionally has some really interesting stuff on computer science. Summary, for non-CS people: log(n) is good! We like log(n). Everything should run in O(log(n)).

Ethics for Machines - Evolutionary ethics may be a somewhat unsatisfying framework for moral reasoning, but it's also unexpectedly robust, which I'll take over aesthetics any day. This essay explores some of the ethical issues surrounding created machine intelligences.

We may have been wrong about dinosaur posture all along - This is the sort of question that would be solved really quickly if we just had a time machine of some sort.

An Inconvenient Talk - A bleak perspective on peak oil, from somebody who probably knows what he's talking about. Also points out that the rosier perspectives (the ones that we always hear) always come from politicians and oil company executives.

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