Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vacation miscellany

* For some reason I've been sitting on this post for a week. Wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything, I guess. Plus I've been really busy. :(

* ISPs are by nature jerks about SMTP servers, but on this vacation for the first time, their stupid policies have actually cost me a meal. :[

* Everybody in Guyana apparently has a nickname, or "call name". People get them when they're kids, usually, and they just sort of stick. My mom's nickname is Sister, because one of my aunts used to call her that all the time when they were kids. My Uncle Val's nickname is Valmiki, after the poet. One of my great-uncles is Doctor, because he wanted to be a doctor when he was a kid, and would go around giving people pretend injections. (This, despite the fact that he's been a practicing lawyer for several decades now.)

* The next time you're vacationing in the Caribbean, here's an Authentic Caribbean Experience: Find a coconut vendor; they'll be the guys with the carts full of coconuts and the machetes. They chop the tops right off the coconuts, stick a straw in them, and give them to you to drink. When you're done, you can go back to them with the shell and they'll chop it up for you, and cut off a piece of the shell so you can scrape the jelly out from the inside. If you like coconut, it's kind of awesome. If you don't like coconut, it's possible that you've never had a good coconut D:

* Somehow, I feel like I was able to think more clearly after being Internet-deprived for a few days. It was the weirdest thing, like the steady stream of distractions I get online have more than the obvious effect of distracting me. This seems like something worth looking into later on.

* Dear Blogger: If I am going through the trouble of writing my own HTML, feel free to take that as a hint that I don't want you attempting to rewrite my URLs and breaking them in the process every time I edit a post. Wordpress has its faults, but I'm pretty sure it can handle a damn anchor link.


Frank Church said...

So, is your call name Menchi? XD Your family could always use more lawyers. And, I have apparently never had a good coconut. When I get excitingly rich after making partner at a biglaw firm, I am totally going to do that and then go visit Kaietur Falls. You can come too.

Kiriska said...

Wait, what you described is what we do to the coconuts from the Asian supermarket. :o

Æther said...

Lawyers are juris doctors, at least in America, so it kind of works out. :) Besides, it's easy to give shots as I found out during my immunization certification.

@Frank Church: I want to come too! I'll bring the champagne.