Thursday, October 1, 2009


Okay, so. As much fun as this blog is to write, I need to turn in a draft of my honors thesis (average length: 20-30 pages) in just over a month, and I've so far written not a word of it. The next month is going to be kind of a pain, I think, so I'm probably better off not updating for a while.

I'm still doing NaBloPoMo this year, though. :3 See you again in November!

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Kiriska said...

Sadness, but certainly understandable. I'm in for a rough year too. =_= I'm glad you're still up for NaBloPoMo though. I'll probably be skipping that. Hell, I am/was seriously considering skipping NaNoWriMo too... Even without it, November is systematically my worst month every year. And if I do get accepted into my school's Japan Trip, I'll be missing the last three or four days of November as well. Not to mention I have no idea what the hell I'd write about. I guess we'll see.