Saturday, October 31, 2009


To be honest, I'm not even sure that this counts.

The date today is October 14th, but I'm scheduling this post to appear on November 1st - thus starting into National Blog Posting Month 2009. I'm planning to write at least a week's worth of posts ahead of time, so that I'll have a chance of sticking to a schedule, because from back here it looks like November is shaping up to be a pretty rough month. It feels kind of like cheating, though - does it really count as NBPM if I'm not writing all the posts during the month?

On the one hand, it does kind of defeat the purpose of NBPM. The idea is to write one post per day, not just have one post appear every day. From that perspective, it looks very much like I'm cheating. >_>

But I've said this before, and it bears repeating: I'm not blogging so that people will read what I write, or for an annual event. I blog for purely selfish reasons. I need to keep in practice with writing, or I'm afraid that I'm going to forget one day, and lose a valuable skill. I've also found that a blog format is a great way to get my thoughts on a subject in order, and simultaneously put them on the Internet for future reference. Finally, as with my post from May about my research project, putting something on this blog occasionally saves me a lot of breath explaining things to people.

In that case, why go through all this rigamarole? Why bother with NBPM, when I could spend my time on other things that I desperately need to finish? Honestly, I just think it'll be fun. What other reason do I need?

(random parting thought: scheduled blog posts could be a really neat twist to a murder mystery :o)


Kiriska said...

Well, I always figured that these sorts of events are to be shaped into whatever most benefits us individually. They're just excuses for us to do things that benefit us. So if getting enough posts for one to appear every day in November is good enough for you, then it's good enough. Besides, I don't really see anything wrong with scheduling posts ahead because even if you WERE writing for the public to read your thoughts, as long as they're getting one a day and the content is relevant enough, who cares when it was actually written?

But hey, that is an interesting thing. What if someone scheduled a post that said, "If this message posts, I'm dead because I haven't been alive to edit the time so it doesn't actually post."

Æther said...

I'll be participating in spirit. (e.g. I'll be posting at least once a week if I can manage, which is better than my current trend of once a month.) November is really a terrible month for this. If you're in school, everything is coming to a head in November. January is probably much better. Especially since your New Year's resolutions are still fresh. :)

I understand the desire to practice writing. At the beginning of October I wrote my first paper since I took rhetoric a couple years ago and it wasn't as easy as it used to be. I know lots more cool jargon than I used to, though.

Frank Church said...

I absolutely refuse to participate in this besides reading and commenting on your posts. Take it easy, and I'll keep you updated on the latest Levi Johnston news.