Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Free electronic stuff!

This is going to be kind of awesome.

It's a really interesting idea for a promotion, actually - everybody loves free stuff, so the news that this is happening is going to be all over the place by January 7th. I, for one, am going to start planning a shopping list for that day well in advance, just in case I actually get the free stuff (they're capping the giveaway at $100k, which will probably dry up really quickly). If I don't get it, I might actually still buy the stuff - it depends on how I feel about whatever project I come up with.

I really want to build some kind of flying robot, dirigible-style. No idea how that's going to work, yet - ideally it'd be able to float mostly unpowered, so I'd either have to buy a lot of helium, or learn how electrolysis works (hydrogen rocks! :D). That's my tentative plan, anyway. We'll see how long it lasts. No matter what, I'm going to have some kind of plan come January 7th.

This sort of promotion ("hey, guys! free stuff!") would be really neat if more retailers started doing it, actually. Imagine if Newegg or Amazon just announced that 1% of orders on the site would be totally free. People really love lotteries, as history has shown, so this could be really effective. If I'm choosing between a deal offered on two sites, and one of them has a chance of giving me the order for free, I know who I'm buying from.

Anyway, short post today, because Thanksgiving is tomorrow! I've made cornbread and cranberry sauce so far. :D

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Kiriska said...

You know, flying a robot up into the atmosphere to take photos would be slightly more impressive than flying a camera up on a helium balloon. :O