Friday, December 12, 2008

Random idea post: Heated clothin, archive-only filesystems

Okay, so to be honest, it's 5 AM and I've realized that I don't have much to write about today. So, here are two ideas that have been knocking around in my head lately.

Heated clothing: It should not be too terribly difficult, from any perspective, to run some wires through a jacket so that when a battery is plugged in, the jacket heats up. (For some reason, this idea comes back to me every winter, and then I forget it again come spring. >_>) Obviously, you need to be careful with this or you're going to catch fire and burn to death. For bonus points, there could also be a digital thermometer in there somewhere, so that you could target a geven temperature.

Archive-only filesystems: This is basically a relaxation of traditional filesystem semantics. Traditional semantics are problematic for distributed filesystems, because there's no good way to resolve conflicting updates. However, archives are a pretty common use case, where files are never updated, and never (or rarely) deleted. Therefore, if we relaxed the filesystem semantics to disallow writes to complete files (obviously, you still need to be able to write to incomplete files, and the FS would have to track that bit of state), and to allow delayed deletes (so that the file is still allowed to be readable for an arbitrary amount of time after it is deleted), it seems like we could build something that performs a lot better than the current batch of distributed filesystems, while still being pretty useful.


Frank Church said...

Heated clothing? Sounds nice. But fyi, it probably isn't necessary for a place like Philadelphia. If I wear my heavy jacket and gloves, I feel fine. And buying new special heated clothes sounds expensive. I also don't want to catch fire. The prospect of heated clothing is more interesting for places like Siberia or North Dakota. And finally, a cursory google search shows that there is heated clothing, and you can buy it if you want.

...what really sucks and what really makes me feel cold isn't so much the ambient temperature, but the wind. Also, cold rain sucks. (But again, jacket + umbrella and you'll be fine unless it's coming down really hard.)

Archive-only filesystems: Every blog entry you show me just how little I really know! Yay! Consequently, I say you shall have better success pursuing that idea, moreso than heated clothing. Hey, how about air-conditioned clothing? There's only so much one can take off...

Kiriska said...

Heated clothing: See, I don't really care for this idea mostly because the part of my body that freezes up the most (my hands) can't have ANY covering on it otherwise I can't work. It might be okay for walking around outside, but hands in pocket for any period of time works good enough for the cheap. I dunno. The idea reminds me of something on either Slashdot or the DailyWTF where people were trying to put together a schematic for heated bike handles that were powered by you riding your bicycle and the last poster just told everyone else to buy some goddamn gloves.

Filesystems: Okay, dude! (You can see my dedication to this subject in the fact that I almost wrote "firesystems.")

P. Static said...

Hmm, yeah, I should have checked google first. >_> A few hundred dollars seems kind of ridiculous, though, for what amounts to a couple of wires sewn in. Rather make my own :(

Anonymous said...

Heated Clothing:
As you may know they have heated blankets, but they require being plugged into a wall. I think the main limitation with heated clothing would be getting a battery that isn't really heavy but can supply enough power for a long enough time for the heat to be noticeable.

File Systems:
I can't imagine why you would be thinking about file systems. I think you would defiantly do yourself some good if you used base 93 encoding to store the data.