Monday, December 1, 2008


In the spirit of ill-advised purchases, I bought a tiny laptop! (Rationale: my laptop battery has been kinda useless for a little while now, and a replacement battery would have cost a significant fraction of what I paid for this new laptop. >_>) It's an Eee 701, with windows XP and some extra RAM for some reason.

So far, it's pretty neat - my biggest complaint is the keyboard, which is kind of lame. Surprisingly, windows XP isn't as much of a pain as I'm used to, probably because the guy I bought it from put some nontrivial work into shrinking the install and setting it up. Still, my patience for XP probably won't last very long, so I'm looking at Linux distros to put on it.

My first choice would be Gentoo, under normal circumstances, but somehow I think that compiling software on a 900 MHz celeron is going to be a massive pain. I considered using Ubuntu briefly - very briefly, in fact. Ubuntu is a very solid system, I'm sure, but it just makes everything so easy; that's not how Linux is supposed to be! Various distros have specialized versions for the Eee, and these seem like good candidates. First, though, I kind of want to try Damn Small Linux, because it's just like the name says.

Unfortunately, one of the things they saw fit to leave out with the Eee was a CD drive. I suppose it's understandable, since I honestly can't see where you'd even put one, but it means I'll have to go out and get a couple of extra SD cards.


Kiriska said...

Ew, little laptops. :> How big is little? If it isn't small enough to put in a small messenger bag, then it pah! That's the only merit of little laptops to me because if it isn't ridiculously, ridiculously easy to carry around, then it should just be big enough to have a numpad. Like mine. 8|

Æther said...

omg, my HP 17'' has a numpad! It's super awesome. Would this EEE be from iceburn? I bet he did some funky stuff to it since he's crazy like that. He whines about never having time to do fun things, but he spends so much time playing SC and doing things like that and kicking me that I have little pity. Also: Hooray, post in December!