Sunday, December 14, 2008

Small things

Today's post will be about a lot of minor things, I'm afraid. Couldn't think of a proper entry. The first small thing, unfortunately, is the laptop I'm typing this post on. My desktop isn't up and running yet (too lazy), so I'm having to use the Eee and its microscopic keyboard. (Some of you will say that microscopic is an exaggeration, to which I say: I can see at least a bit of it through a microscope, can't I?!)

The next minor thing is an update to the last post. I talked to David for a bit about the archival filesystem thing, and he pointed out that deletes didn't make a lot of sense in such a system. So, to clarify what I said before: the goal is to adjust filesystem semantics so that replicas can be arbitrarily out-of-date without affecting the correctness of applications. This means that there can be no deletes, and no updates to existing files. Not all applications are amenable to this sort of meddling, but many are.

Bugs: Houston has a lot more of them than Austin, and that makes me sad. :(

Anime: At Kiriska's urging, I've been watching Nodame Cantabile. (Kiriska: Why are all your recommendations so awesome, it's uncanny D:) Only halfway through the first season; may write something about it here when I finish it.

Christmas: Oh hey so it turns out I still haven't bought gifts for anyone. There's still time right?

Sleep schedule: It's not even 1 AM; why am I tired already :(


Kiriska said...

I am an excellent judge of series is all. 8D (You should also check out Baccanno!, Mushishi, Dennou Coil, and Spice and Wolf if you haven't already. I always forget what I've already recommended you.)

You've still got two weeks to buy presents! That's still enough time for normal shipping too! <_<

Ne, you're back in Houston already? That was fast. :O

Frank Church said...

Oh, you went back? I'm going back Friday, if I didn't already mention that. How do you have time to watch so much anime. You can recommend a series to me if you like, but I don't really plan on spending the whole break watching anime. (FOR SHAME!)