Monday, November 1, 2010

Dogs and Cats Living Together

It's November again! Time for another round of NaBloPoMo. So I recently found out that NaBloPoMo is no longer just a November thing, but you know what? I sort of don't really care. It is a Thing I Do In November, and I don't see any reason to change. :D Plus, there's also the fact that it coincides with NaNoWriMo. By blogging, I sort of feel like a casual jogger tagging along with people who are running a marathon - I know that there are people (hi, Kiriska! :3) that are doing a lot more work than I am this month, but I'm going at a pace that I find comfortable.

In past years, I've written a post or two ahead, so that I'd have a buffer in case something unexpected came up and I didn't have time to blog. I don't think I'm doing that this year. First, it sort of feels like cheating, and second, now that I'm actually working I have a much more predictable schedule.

Anyway, to kick off this month, I'll write about an idea that's been knocking around in my head for a while now.

Everybody loves puppies and/or kittens! This is an Inarguable and Incontrovertible Fact. However, a lot of people aren't in a position to own a pet (particularly those living in college dorms), and others don't really have the time to take care of one properly. What I'm proposing here is really, when you get right down to it, just a way to let college students play with cute animals; therefore, it cannot possibly fail, and might even end up being profitable.

I'm envisioning a big, lounge-type room, with comfortable chairs everywhere, and lots of dogs and cats. (Thus, the name: "Dogs and Cats Living Together".) The animals would all be adopted from local shelters, naturally. There would be chewy things for the dogs to play with, and random structures for cats to climb around on, and all the furniture would be the cheap stuff because there's no way it'll last very long. People would be able to come in and play with the animals whenever they wanted, without any of the worries that come along with taking care of them, or cleaning up after them.

(So who would take care of all the animals? That's the beauty of it - I can't imagine that you'd have any trouble finding applicants for the job on a college campus, when the job description is basically "taking care of dogs and cats".)

As far as actually making money, there are a lot of ways. You could charge a few dollars at the door. You could sell snacks (for both humans and pets!) once people are inside. You could let people adopt the animals, if they really wanted to. There are merchandising opportunities - cat calendars are a dime a dozen, but a cat calendar where you can actually go and play with the cats in the pictures might be enough to set it apart, I dunno. And, as a last resort, you could train the animals to rob banks - wait, pretend I didn't say that one. >_>

Anyway, yeah! I think that'd be pretty neat.


Brendan said...

Japan is way ahead of us on things like this.

Kiriska said...

Brendan beat me to it, but yeah, these places already exist in Japan. :P Though I think cafes with smaller animals -- rabbits, guinea pigs, etc -- are more popular given Japan's space constraints.

Also, hurray November! (I guess!)

P. Static said...


BRB Japan