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EDIT: Okay rather than skipping a day, I will retroactively make this a post about what I spent most of yesterday on: Harry Potter fanfiction. >_> So here are two fics that I've read lately, that are worth linking!

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality: Most of you have already seen this, because I've been recommending it to everyone. The story branches off of canon with Petunia realizing that she can't stand Vernon Dursley, and marrying a college professor instead. Harry grows up immersed in the scientific method, and applies it to the magical world, with sort of awesome results. As a bonus, this story also has Professor Quirrell as a real character (and one of the more interesting ones, at that), instead of just a cardboard cutout. As a further bonus, Harry is slightly evil! As a third and completely gratuitous bonus, it's full of references to pretty much everything else - the latest chapter, for instance, has (after a few chapters worth of buildup) the greatest Army of Darkness homage possible, I think.

Anyway, I enjoy it trememendously (that's present tense; it's an ongoing story) but apparently not everybody does? Definitely not my problem, though. :D

Harry Potter and the Wastelands of Time: Found this one because it was recommended by the author of HP:MoR. It's... not like any Harry Potter fic you've read before, I think. It's incredibly dark, for one thing.

The premise is that Voldemort won the war (the second time around), by discovering Atlantis and using the knowledge that he found there. Harry can't even come close to stopping him, so when he finds himself alone in the world, he makes a deal with a demon for a second chance. This puts him in a timeloop (think Groundhog Day), which begins shortly after OotP and loops back whenever he dies. It takes a lot of tries for him to accumulate enough skills across his lifetimes, and figure out a plan - thousands of tries, you're left to infer, because the story never specifies. Again, that's where the story starts, with a jaded and tired Harry Potter in a sixteen-year-old body getting ready for another go.

It's an interesting take on first person omniscient - Harry mostly knows what's going to happen next, but he doesn't let on much to the reader, and he's still occasionally surprised by things. It's also a good way to keep the action going - because Harry's been refining his plan for so long, he always knows what to do next, and the action never really slows down. Be careful before you start reading this fic, because you might have a hard time stopping.

Anyway. On to a post for today. XD


Kiriska said...


Kiriska said...

Oh, fuck. Why you gotta recommend me another one. :C I have like 13 chapters of Rationality queued!

P. Static said...

Don't read it now! WoT is finished, it'll wait. Save it for after November >______>

Frank Church said...

I've read the beginning of WoT and enjoyed it. Groundhog Day is one of my favorite movies, incidentally.