Monday, November 15, 2010


So here's the thing about procrastination: I think I actually enjoy it. For some reason, having something that I need to do, and procrastinating by doing something else, is way more fun than just doing the something else. This worries me.

In that sense, of course, blogging for a month is a good thing, because it's something not to do while I do other stuff, but it does lead to situations like right now, where I have an hour to write something an absolutely nothing coming to mind. >_>


Kiriska said...

Make a list for times like this!

Frank Church said...

I'm going to plug the Psychic Serpent trilogy again. I still say the Time of Good Intentions is the best damn Harry Potter fanfic I've read, but the other books are good too. I even learned a thing or two from them: like how to pronounce ceilidh for example. (Kay-lee; this has come in handy.)