Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ice, Ice, Baby

The weather the past few days has reminded me that I just moved two thousand miles north. In the evenings it's getting down into the 40s, and there's a permanent light drizzle which just maker things unpleasant. I've also been reminded that I really, really hate the cold. Whoops!

On the other hand, I'm definitely doing better with the cold than I would have in the past. Somehow, I feel like I've begun to adapt - temperatures in the 50 to 60 range feel like 60-70 degrees used to feel, and I can usually get away with just wearing an extra layer of shirts, or maybe a sweater. Actually, a lot of the time, the weather here is downright pleasant. The only problem is when it gets dark and cools off, and that's only a problem because it gets dark by 5 now. :(

That's one thing that totally caught me off guard about moving north. I was here over the summer, and didn't catch on that the long daylight hours would reverse themselves later in the year. It's darker at 5 these days than it was by 9'o'clock most days during the summer, and I expect it's going to keep getting worse until the solstice. It's actually pretty surreal - when I see that it's completely dark outside, I know that I still need to stick around at work for another hour. :/

People are saying that this winter is going to be hellish; in the figurative sense, of course, because they actually mean a lot of snow and ice. I don't know how much snow is considered normal here, but "a lot more" will have to be a decent amount. It'll be fun for the first day or two, at least! I'm pretty glad that I can take public transit to work, because if I tried to drive to work in the snow, I would probably die.


Kiriska said...

...Jealous. ;_;

If I'm really honest, I don't really do well with cold physically. I have poor circulation in my hands and they will pretty much be ice if the temperature drops below 55. It's pretty sad. Especially since gloves don't help since there's no heat going into them into the first place.


But yeah, getting dark at five kind of sucks. It's the same here and perhaps creepier because our downtown office is kind of in a ghetto area and getting out after dark sucks! 8D

Wikipedia says you guys only get a little bit of snow, so I wouldn't worry about it too much?

Frank Church said...

Hey, an area of my expertise! I did notice that about Swarthmore - in December it would be dark by 5, and I would always be going to dinner in the dark, which I thought was weird.

Philadelphia actually gets colder than Seattle - it has more nights in the teens and more days below freezing than Seattle does. And yeah, I adapted well enough. Feb. '07, in my freshman year, was the coldest February in the past 30 years, so after that it was all fine.

Snow: Seattle doesn't get much, like 10 inches a year or less usually. (Philly's average is 20 inches, and 09-10 we got 76 inches) December 2008 contained the biggest snow event in recent history. If you get an event like that, I really must insist that I see pictures. :D