Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Friday: Part 1!

So the plan is apparently to wake up at 2:30 or so, and go and stand in line somewhere, and buy stuff? You'd think Black Friday was an actual holiday, the way people are acting. Naturally, I'm not actually going to wake up at 2:30 - that would involve going to sleep at, what, 6:30? Not going to happen. So, it's 1:28 (AM) now, and I'm supposed to go around and wake people up a little before 2:30. >_>

This is part 1 of this post - the other part will come after I get back, and will have impressions and... stuff. Not really sure what to expect; all the stories I've heard have left me a little worried. Will we be trampled by hordes of bargain-hunters? Will we have to wait in line for hours or days before getting inside? Well, I'm not sure yet, but you'll find out in part 2!

I'm really not sure what stores we're going to. The tentative plan involves Fry's (which may or may not have been a transparent ruse to get me on board, and may or may not have worked as planned), and then probably some other unspecified/forgotten stores. My mom seems to have a problem with Fry's, though, so really it's anybody's guess where we'll end up. (I was going to get a new hard drive at Fry's (down to 4% free space, wooo!), but I ended up getting it at tigerdirect this evening for around half the prices I saw at Fry's last week, so meh at them.)


Kiriska said...

Aw, man. Good luck, dude. I was at Fry's last year for Black Friday. At 5am. A bit late, perhaps. A lot of the really, really good deals are already sold out by then, and I'm not kidding when I say that the line snaked around the ENTIRE STORE. And Fry's is generally huge, y'know? (Not sure about whatever one in your area, or if we'd have the same one?) So seriously, good luck. x____x I'll be here. In my room. Watching animu. v_v

Frank Church said...

The Fry's in Webster is pretty darn big. Also, is your family insane? I mean, can you imagine my parents not sleeping because of bargains? I called my parents last night, and they were talking about people camping out in front of the stores, like before Star Wars Episode 1.

Anyway I thought black Friday was supposed to be a total bust this year because of the tanking economy. Well, good luck - and don't get trampled, although I am sure you will not. My inclination is to say the crowds will be small, though I don't think Houston has been suffering as much in the downturn as some places.