Saturday, November 8, 2008

College Puzzle Blog 2008

Today: College Puzzle Challenge! It went awesomely, naturally. At the time of this writing, it looks like we finished 5th overall, and 84th at UT... wait, no, other way around. 

If you're curious about CPC this year, you should definitely check out the puzzles - the're being uncharacteristically efficient, so the puzzles for this year are already up. 

...the answers are already up, actually. I'll be looking at those in lieu of actually finishing this post. >_>


Kiriska said...

Is it bad that my brain froze and immediately started screaming "tl;dr" when I opened up a puzzle? :<

Frank Church said...

That looks fun, though I notice that Swarthmore did not send a team. For shame! I'd also like to give a shoutout to team name Big O and the nLogn's at your school, because even though they finished last, they have my favorite team name on the liszt. I hope you figured that puzzle out.

(Not being glib or anything - I'd like to compete on a team to solve these puzzles. I was thinking like Deathball but with paper, but the puzzles are friendlier than that.)

P. Static said...

kiriska: yes, considering that there are a couple of puzzles that don't have any words at all D:

frank church: eh, some of the puzzles are actually a lot more evil than Deathball. For example, the ScRaBBAl one basically defeated me, even after I started writing scripts to take care of the hard parts. >_< And yeah, it's a shame that swat doesn't have it, you'd really enjoy it.