Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hiro Nakamura, thief extraordinaire

Hiro Nakamura, on Heroes, can "bend time and space". This means, briefly, that he can teleport to any location instantly, as well as travel through time, or alter the flow of time as he experiences it. It also means that Hiro Nakamura is the ultimate thief.

The game is as follows: You have some item, a jewel, let's say, which you want to keep out of Hiro's sticky fingers. Figure out some way to store it such that Hiro can't get to it. Because Hiro cares deeply about the space-time continuum, you may assume that Hiro is a well-behaved time traveler, and won't travel to the past in such a way that would create paradoxes (for instance, stealing the jewel before or while you do whatever you do with it would create a paradox). Beyond that, however, anything is fair game for him.

To win, all you have to do is come up with a way to keep the jewel out of Hiro's hands. I'll play the part of Hiro, and respond in the comments to this post. My post for, let's say, Wednesday, will be my solution; that gives me plenty of time to come up with one, I hope. Best of luck!

(Side note: Kiriska complained about my updates appearing at noon, so I moved the schedule up a little for this one. ^_^)

EDIT: Thanks to Æther, I am amending the problem somewhat: The jewel needs to remain intact, and retain its current form, and not end up in another dimension or anything weird like that. :/


wildflowered said...

I'd so totally eat the shinything.

Æther said...

I would have black hole dude throw it into a black hole as soon as I got it. You said to keep it out of Hiro's hands. There was no mention of being able to recover it later. Technicalities are my specialty, as well you know.

Frank Church said...

if the little fucker wants it that badly, let him have it

perhaps you should give the jewel, or whatever, to arthur petrelli

(Proudly plagiarized from myself, as told to you) So that's THE CHURCH's take. Also, like I said, the Haitian, if he's actively trying to make sure Hiro's power is nullified.

Æther said...

Isn't this all moot anyway, as that Hiro's power is taken by Petrelli Sr. at the end of the last episode? Really, the question is how to stop Mr. Petrelli from taking over the world. I suggest starting the entire story over with me playing the role of Peter. Even a novice could do a better job than him. ¯-¯

That's my answer to your thiefproof plan, too, by the way. Give the gem to an intelligent Peter Petrelli. Technically, he should be able to travel through time just like Hiro. Pre-omg-my-powers-are-gone, of course. By chance, I'm sure he should have met someone who's power is super intelligence by now anyway. The writers are only delaying the inevitable if not.

P. Static said...


Æther said...

There's a point? I thought this was more of a blunt sort of thing completely lacking in a point. But you must mean a philosophical point. Those are pretty tenuous, if I recall.

If you insist on us playing the way that forces us to be creative, I submit that you surgically implant it somewhere inside your person. Hiro would be unable to remove it because he's not good enough to do surgery, and he won't kill you to get it because he will only harm evil people. Also, I'm pretty sure he would never be able to get to it if you put it on the moon or, better yet, a certain dwarf planet.

P. Static said...

Hiro goes to the future, loots your corpse, and then brings the jewel back to the present. Or, in the case of your latter example, he gets a spacesuit and then teleports. You should really stop coming up with ideas that play to his strengths. :/

Kiriska said...

lol @ your uncooperative replies. XD

Would he be bastard enough to loot it from his mother's corpse?

Or, could you give it to someone who will give it a grand purpose, perhaps hinge an empire or business on the jewel -- one that would be continually passed on through the generations so that removing it from any point in time would royally fuck up all the people involved? Say the jewel is used to power some alternative fuel... dealy and removing it would cause bad things to happen? :>

Prime.Minister said...


Æther said...

lol, you got spammed by a Prime Minister. Also, who told you I was going to die? Let's be realistic here, we're working within a world where everyone has powers. I claim that I have the power of Petrelli with a larger range for picking up powers so as to be outside the Haitian's influence and thus able to even get his power. Say the range of my powers is the current dimensions of the universe. Advantage Æther.