Monday, November 3, 2008

Super five-minute post!

So, I *totally* almost forgot to blog today, but it's okay because I can definitely write this post in the next five minutes. If not for DST I'd be even more screwed I suppose, but it happens. I have a post written in my head for tomorrow already, as it happens, but I'd rather not move it up to today since I don't really want to talk about politics for two days in a row. So, today will be one of the emergency posts I've prepared in my head: webcomics!

Now that Dresden Codak has actually finished the Hob arc, I don't feel quite so bad recommending it to people. It's a pretty nifty transhuman sci-fi story, and the art is really neat too. Pretty much the only downside was DC's weird perfectionism, combined with his tendency toward debilitating injuries, which usually led to comics getting released on a monthly schedule, or worse. DC's regular comics are much less structured than the Hob arc, and were all basically standalone comics; now that the arc is done, nobody's really sure what the comics will be like. Well, except that they'll be awesome.

Another awesome webcomic that everybody should read is Dinosaur Comics. This is pretty much the polar opposite of DC, as the art is basically nonexistent - he uses the same pictures every single day, for crying out loud! And yet, somehow, the writing is incredibly good; of the webcomics I read, Dinosaur Comics is the one that's the most consistently funny.

(Hmm, I'm past my time limit. May as well write this properly, then. >_> Flimsy justification: the day doesn't really end until I go to sleep, right?)

Gunnerkrigg Court: I hate to compare this one to Harry Potter, but the comparison is probably unavoidable - the setting and the mood of the stories is just too similar. The story follows Annie (short for Antimony), as she explores Gunnerkrigg Court, as well as her own mysterious past.

Somehow, five minutes became fifteen, but whatever. Close only counts in horseshoes and blogging, or something like that, anyway.

EDIT: So, apparently, Blogger saves the post time as the time that you *start* writing. Therefore, victory! :3

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Kiriska said...

What, no xkcd plug?

One day, I'll get over my intense, TL;DR CLOSE THIS WINDOW NOW tendencies and give the Dinosaurs comic another shot. One day.

I'm not sure if I should keep on my NaBloPoMo endeavors. Vista kind of shat out on me one day into November, so technically, I'm out, but it's just so disappointing to be out so early.

Ooh, politics post. Look forward to it. :P