Thursday, November 27, 2008

Post of Giving Thanks!

So, I figure a somewhat corny (and relatively short) post is in order today. 

If I absolutely had to pick one thing that I'm thankful for, it would be friends. And, when I say friends, I'm mainly talking about you guys - the people I like well enough to actually tell about this blog I'm writing, just about random stuff. (And also the few people who I've told about this blog, but haven't actually given the URL yet. You guys are included too. :) Thanks for all the moral support you've given me this month. Thanks for not abandoning me when I start spouting technobabble. Thanks for the comments, the IM conversations, and the feedback in general. Without all of you being there for me, I would have given up a long time ago.

Seriously, you guys rock.


Kiriska said...

D'aw, but I can do the technobabble so much better than I can do the sap. :P Seriously though, dude, congrats on making it so far on this NaBloPoMo thing! You should definitely keep it up after the month is done! Have a good Thanksgiving. :D

Frank Church said...

I assume I'm included in your post of thanks? :) I'm also pretty impressed that you have stuck to your promise - and your posts are always well-written and often teach me something. Hope you're having a nice Thanksgiving back in Houston.