Saturday, November 1, 2008

Na Blo Po Mo?

So there I was, sitting around and planning to do homework or something all November, when suddenly my awesome friend Kiriska asked me to go and write stuff nonstop for the entire month instead. Well, it turns out I'm too much of a wimp for NaNoWriMo (maybe next year), but NaBloPoMo seems a little more doable. >_>

I kinda have a problem with NaBloPoMo, though. Other than "make a post every day", which is kind of vague and easy to squirrel out of, NaBloPoMo doesn't really set any goals, which makes it a little hard to get excited about. To keep myself honest, then, I'm kinda revising the goal, from one post per day to one worthwhile post per day. (Granted, I'd probably do this anyway, but it's more fun if I actually say it, right?)

The trouble, of course, is that I was already kinda overloaded before this month, and I'm not really expecting that to change much. So, expect some occasional inevetable complaining during this month. I figure that blogging will probably cut into my "screwing around on the internet" time, which is good - I really need to cut from it more often, honestly.

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Kiriska said...

I thought "worthwile" was implied. All of these sorts of events are hinged on personal honesty and commitment, so I always figured those sorts of things could just be known without saying, but I guess it doesn't hurt to clarify either.

I'm not really sure if my 30 posts about how shitty my novel is will really count as "worthwhile" though, lol.

Hey, hey, what's got you so busy in November? I have a birthday, a concert, finals, and a crosscountry drive back to Houston* during which I'll need to figure out how to post a blog entry! Stop complaining!

* I'll actually be hitchhiking to New Orleans and flying out to Houston from there, but STILL.